Mantel Depot Inc.
Affordable Elegant Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels
3740 Oceanic Way Ste 303, Oceanside, CA 92056
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Mantel Depot also manufactures other concrete precast products like balustrades and pilasters. We can accommodate straight or radius configuration. The balustrades come in two sizes: 30" and 36" high including the top and bottom rails. Balustrades are sold by linear foot, $80/foot material only. Installation cost is $100/foot. Material and Installation is $180/foot. Light weight balustrades are also available at the same price. These light weight baslustrade are suitalble for second floor and higher. These light weight balustrades look and feel the same as regular concrete balustrades while their weight is only 60% of the regular concrete balustrades. Balustrades Picture 1
Balustrades Picture 2
Balustrades Picture 3
Balustrades Picture 4