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Fireplace Door FD010
34" to 38"
20" to 28"
38" to 44"
22" to 36"
44" to 50"
24" to 36"
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Product Features

FD010 is a beautiful hand forged fireplace door made of solid 1/2 inch square iron with 1" square frame. Doors are lined with 1/8" high heat mesh and are painted with high heat paint which are available in semigloss black or bronze. Installation is $95 or free if order with the mantel for San Diego locals. Shipping is $95 or free if order with the mantel for customers who are not in Southern CA.

How to Order

Measure the width of your opening. Determine which width's range (S, M, or L) your width falls within, then select your door appropriately. When you come to the page "Instruction to the Seller", please type in your exact dimensions (width and height) and the color (black or bronze) that you want for your doors. We will confirm your order within 24 hours. Please visit our Info Center for more information on how to measure/fit your fireplace doors. Please allow 3 weeks for fabrication.