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How Much Does a Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen Cost?

Welcome! We are excited to help you understand how to budget for a wrought iron let's get started!

The cost of your wrought iron fireplace doors depends on three things:

The style of your wrought iron fireplace doors.

Our doors are hand forged and hand welded by skilled blacksmiths or metal workers some of whom have been in the business for more than 35 years. Each and every pieces of your iron doors are hand crafted meticulously by our blacksmiths. Therefore the doors with complicated patterns require highly skilled blacksmiths to be able to handle the jobs, and skilled workers are paid more. It also takes longer to make complicated patterns.

The size of your wrought iron fireplace doors.

The raw materials (iron and paint) are purchased by the pounds. So it just simply costs more to make a larger doors. But the difference in cost between door sizes are not much. For example, the cost of a small size door and a medimum size door is only 50 dollars since the weight difference between them is about 20 lbs.

Can you do the installation

It is very simple to install these doors. It takes about 30 minutes to install the door, and we have installation videos available on the Mantel Depot's website. The only tools you need are a power drill and four screws. The screws are included with the purchase. If you are not comfortable doing the installation, we can do it for you for $95. The installation cost includes the delivery.

Custom build from your photo

If you can't find any door on our website and have a photo or a drawing of the doors or screens, our talented blacksmiths are able to make your doors for you. The cost however, will be a about 25% more.

The price range of our doors is from $675 for a small and simple door to $1250 for a large and fancy door. For a complete price list of our stunning colection of elegant wrought iron doors, please click here. The price of your door is determined mainly by the style and width of your fireplace opening. So, measure the width of your firebox opening and you can find out how much your door will cost instantly with out the need to call us. You can place the order for your doors online on our secured website the same way you order things from