Vent, Ventless, Direct vent Fireplaces – What Are They?

Many people long for a simpler time, for hours spent with the family, happy just to be together. People long for a quieter time as well, time to sit and think and read, time to be. Somehow, for many people a fireplace represents all of those things and more. A fireplace evokes a feeling of home, family, security, and warmth. People imagine their family and friends gathered around a fireplace, smiling and laughing.pict406

Despite this, most people just do not have the time or the patience to maintain a wood-burning fireplace. That involves chopping or buying wood, storing wood, and starting the fire. Long after the fire is just a distant memory, you still have the ash and soot to clean up. Most people just don’t have the time, patience, energy, or desire for all of that work. That’s where natural gas fireplaces come in.

Natural gas fireplace and wood-burning fireplace look the same from the outside. What you actually see from the outside is the fireplace mantel, not the fireplace itself. Wood-burning fireplace does not have a gas pipe running inside the fireplace, while natural gas fireplace has a natural gas pipe running inside the fireplace. Often it is under the fake logs or decorative crystals. Natural gas fireplaces are available in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. They can be found in a wide variety of colors, such as cherry, mahogany, oak, pine, white, antique white, black, and designer colors. Some natural gas fireplaces are used primarily for decoration, although they do produce a small amount of heat. Others, though, can be used as a primary heat source.


Fireplaces are available as direct vent, which must be installed near a gas line and vent through the wall behind the fireplace. Direct vent fireplaces do not require a chimney. Natural vented fireplaces must also be installed near a gas line and they are vented through the roof. Ventless or vent free natural gas fireplaces can be installed most anywhere as they do not require venting. You must be careful in buying a ventless fireplace, though, because they are illegal in some areas and have specific rules in others. If you do decide to purchase a ventless natural gas fireplace, you must follow precautions to prevent dangerous gases circulating throughout the home.

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How much wrought iron fireplace doors cost?
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San Diego Fireplace Mantels – Elegant Fireplaces in San Diego CA

Fireplaces in San Diego by Mantel Depot Model MT406
Images San Diego Fireplace

These are images of Fireplaces in San Diego by Mantel Depot, a leading manufacturer of fireplaces in San Diego California. You can see these actual fireplaces at McCullough Design Center model house located at 15432 Artesian Spring Road, San Diego CA 92127.  This model house is open to the public M-F from 9am to 5pm, and on Saturday from 9am to 12pm. No appointments necessary. These two mantels are made and install by Mantel Depot.

San Diego Fireplaces
San Diego Fireplace image of MT 705 by Mantel Depot

Fireplaces in San Diego CA

Fireplace Mantel In San Diego
Mantel Depot Fireplace Mantel with Over Mantel

Fireplaces in San Diego

Mantelpiece, sometimes referred to as fireplace mantels, and grate styles have changed but the basic structural elements of a fireplace have not radically changed for hundreds of years. The early combination of a large stone or brick opening with a smokestackbuilt over it evolved from the obvious fact that smoke rises, rather than from a scientific understanding of how a well-designed chimney system works. Consequently early wood and later coal-burning fires were very inefficient and it was not until a certain Benjamin Thompson produced his thesis on the principles of fireplace mantels design in 1799 that smaller grates and improvements in the internal shape of the openings were introduced.

San Diego Fireplaces

A brick or stone enclosure forms the basis of the fireplace. Variously known as the fireplace opening or recess or builders opening, it may be set flush with the wall or built out into the room, forming a chimney breast. This chimney breast rises through the height of the house, emerging through the roof to form a chimney stack. At the top of the opening the gather and flue combine to carry the smoke up the chimney. If the chimney is shared by several fireplaces on different floors, it may contain more than one flue.

The masonry over the fireplace opening is supported by a lintel or a brick arch. Old inglenook fireplaces used colossal oak beams, whereas a strong iron strap usually supports an early brick arch. Later fireplaces may have a straight arch supported by angle iron, and by the twentieth century cast concrete lintels were the norm.

A hearth, constructed from non-combustible materials such as stone or tile-faced concrete, projects out into the room to protect the floor from falling ashes. In most old houses the hearth was set flush with the floor, although sometimes a superimposed one was used to raise the level. The space within the fireplace opening, known as the back hearth, is usually level with the hearth itself. A dog grate for burning wood or coal can be placed on this back hearth. However, by the mid-nineteenth century the mass produced cast-iron register grate which filled the opening, had become the fashion.

To finish the assembly, a mantelpiece or fireplace mantel – or fireplace surround, as it is often called today – is fitted to frame the grate or fireplace opening. The fireplace mantel may be constructed from stone, slate, marble, wood or cast iron. The walls around it may be finished with wood paneling, or more generally with plaster, and in some cases the fireplace mantel extends upwards to form an impressive chimneypiece. Mirrored overmantels were introduced in the late eighteenth century, and these became the classic feature of Victorian sitting rooms.

From Mantel Depot

Functionality of Fireplace Mantels

Within this fireplace an open fire burning wood or coal is a cheerful sight, but if it is your only source of warmth, as it was for centuries, this romantic image can soon fade especially if the fire does not burn properly. Getting a fire started and keeping it burning then becomes a challenge, if not a chore. For wood and coal fires to burn well a good supply of air is needed under the grate, as well as a means of escape for the hot gases and smoke. With the fuel carefully contained within the fireplace opening on a grate, free movement of air is achievable and waste ash can fall through the grate so the fire is not stifled. If the chimney is inadequate or the flow of air is restricted the fireplace mantels will not operate effectively.

Fireplace Mantels in San Diego
Fireplace Surrounds in San Diego